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Sherlock Jr. and The Purple Rose of Cairo

In these scenes, Buster Keaton does something quite innovative when his character's dream image exits the body of the napping movie projectionist and wanders into the the screen and into the world of film. Decades later, Woody Allen does the reverse in his movie, The Purple Rose of Cairo. The lead actor leaves the screen and enters the Depression Era of a depressed waitress.

Battleship Potemptkin and The Untouchables

These clips show excerpts from Battleship Potemptkin's "Odessa Staircase".  I chose these scenes in juxtaposition of scenes from The Untouchables, which also take place on a staircase.  The scenes are vastly different, yet they are similar in the context of violence and innocence.

The Lady From Shanghai and Mahattan Murder Mystery

I justaposed scenes from these movies because we see Woody Allen use Orson Welles, innovative fun house scenes from The Lady From Shanghai.  Here we get a look of one artist paying homage to another, but we also see the use of reflexivity, where the filmmaker takes a look at movies within his own work.

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