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THIS AND THAT, A Real Mixed Bag


There have been a rash of child abductions and murders in Berlin. The murderer lures the children into his confidence with candy and other such child friendly items. Everyone is on edge because the murderer has not been caught. The most substantial pieces of evidence the police have are hand written letters by the murderer which he sent to the newspaper for publication. Unknown even to himself, a blind beggar, who sold the murderer a balloon for one of the child victims, may have key information as to the murderer's identity.



 Angels Over Broadway


Douglas Fairbanks Jr.


Rita Hayworth


This story has a simple plot, but it’s somewhat complicated.  Here's the simplicity of it.  Boy meets girl.  Boy loses girl (briefly when he rejects her).  Boy finds girl again.  The story begins on a dark and rainy night in New York.  Bill O’Brien is feeling down on his luck.  He has seven dollars to his name and he is convinced that all he needs is a SEVEN to turn things around for him.  He sets his sights on a “Mark”, but before he can make his move, Nina Barona, an aspiring showgirl makes her move on Bill’s “Mark”.  Ultimately Bill convinces Nina to work with him, but this all takes another turn when a floundering  playwright discovers a suicide note in the pocket of said, “Mark” and decides to help him by having Bill, Nina, Charles Engle (The Mark) and himself act out a scenario which he has come up with to deter Engle from committing suicide and restore his reputation by getting him the three thousand dollars that he embezzled from his company. Well, You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.  Everything goes awry when it’s discovered by Dutch Enright that he’s being fleeced by three do-gooders and a hick.  Nina appeals to Bill’s better instincts and convinces him to beat off Dutch’s thugs while Engle escapes with the money.  Engle makes a successful get away, but luck is not on Bill’s side.  He is beaten pretty badly and reverts back to that dark rainy place even though it is now a bright and sunny morning, but suddenly he realizes that he has found his lucky seven in Nina. (Of course the clip is abbreviated, basically showing the beginning and the end.)

When I saw a clip of Clark Gable dancing with chorus girls, I could not believe my eyes.  I had never seen this movie, even though I thought that I had seen most if not all of his movies.  Idiot's Delight is about a small-time vaudeville performer who, after years of touring vaudeville circuits and sideshows, has finally hit the big time in Europe with his all-girl review, "Les Blondes".


On the eve of WWII, Harry and his girls are temporarily detained at an Alpine resort with a very eccentric group of characters brought together under extreme circumstances. Two of the guests at the resort are millionaire Achille Weber (Edward Arnold) and his Russian mistress, who claims to be a wealthy aristocrat. Harry knows better; he recognizes her as Irene Fellara (Norma Shearer), a small-town girl with big dreams whom he had met years earlier while performing in Omaha.

Charlie Chaplin satirizes Hitler in his first all dialogue film, The Great Dictator - Robert Mitchum explains, "Love and Hate" in Night of the Hunter, while Spike Lee directs his version of "Love and Hate in Do the Right Thing - Robert Mitchum and Lilian Gish in Charles Laughton's first directorial attempt in The Night of the Hunter


 The Bad Seed


Starring Patty McCormack, Nancy Kelly, Eileen Heckart and Henry Jones

Rhoda is portrayed as a sociopath, although the term was not widely used at the time. She has no conscience and will kill if necessary to get whatever she wants. By the time Christine, her mother, puts the truth together, Rhoda has already killed two people (a neighbor in Baltimore, and her classmate Claude Daigle). In time, she also kills Leroy, the apartment building's gardener and the only adult who sees through her. An adept manipulator, she can easily charm adults while eliciting fear and revulsion from other children, who can sense that there is something wrong with her.  Thus, Leroy, who is said to be the equivalent of an eight year old, is in constant conflict with Rhoda.  He sees through her veneer of perfection.

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane was made in 1962.

The movie is the answer to the question, What happens to old movie stars? Do they gracefully ride into the sunset? Or, Do they just fade away like old soldiers?
Jane and Blanche Hudson have both responded to the allure of the bright lights and the fandom of Hollywood. Jane was a child star who adorned by many and pampered by her father. Her sister Blanche stood in the wings until it was her time to shine. Blanche later achieved her fame as a movie star, but her career ended suddenly when her legs were crushed by her own car. That is just the back drop of the story. As the action begins, the audience sees Blanche, Who is now solely dependent on Jane who is neurotically resentful of her.

The Rocky Horror Show is a movie that parodies "B" horror and sci-fi films. It stars Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon. A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the 1975 film adaptation of the British The Rocky Horror Show written by Richard OBrien. The film is a parody of B movie, science fiction and horror movies of the late 1940s through early 1970s.

Young Frankenstein, made in 1974, is a Mel Brooks comedy, starring Billy Wilder.The grandson of Victor Frankenstein is a teaching surgeon who has spent his life living down the legend of his grandfather, even changing the pronunciation of his name. When the diary of his grandfather is brought to him, he takes a leave of absence to examine the family castle.


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